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Friday, February 27, 2009

4 Tagger Size Papers Made EZ

For this Tutorial we will be using
only PSP and the filters that come with it!

NO Outside Filters are used for this tut and
no supplies are needed
This Tutorial was Written By me on 01/27/09 in PSP V9
any resemblance to any other on the internet is
simply a Coincidence
I also do not claim any rights to the "techniques"
used in this tutorial
Feel Free to share my tutorials with others please
do not copy and claim as your own

1. ) Open a New Image 800x800,

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS1 (29K)

Decide on 3-4 Colors you would like for your kit
I am using 4 Colors:


2.) We will make this first paper a simple texture
Flood Fill with one of the colors you have Chosen,
I am Using #497177,
1st go to effects/Texure Effects/Blinds:

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS2 (29K)


Tutorial1-The Papers-SS3 (23K)

The Go to effects/Texture Effects/Texture

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS4 (33K)


Tutorial1-The Papers-SS5 (33K)

** Feel Free to play around with the textures till you find something

Last rename this layer "Paper 1"

2). Add a New Raster Layer and Flood Fill with Color of Choice

I am Using : #27aabd

Ok Lets make this one a Striped Paper

Select your Pen tool

and Set your Forground to color of choice
( I am using #75d8e7 )

and your background to null

and use these settings (or Feel free to play around with Settings)

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS6 (6K)

Ok, you may want to zoom out a bit

starting at around 50-100 pixels Draw a Straight Line

from the Top of your Paper to the Bottom

go to layers/convert to raster layer

then edit/copy Then edit/paste/as a new selection

and place where you would like the Stripes to be

repeat as needed then Layers/ Merge/Merge Down

you should now have something similar to mine

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS7 (21K)

Ok, back to your Pen tool Changing your Foreground color

I am using #dbf5f9 and the Line Width to 15.00

and repeat as stated above filling in more stripes :o)

Layers/Merge/Merge down

Then Rename this Layer "Paper 2"

Should Look something Like this

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS8 (35K)

* I also Add the Same Texture to this as I did for Paper 1

3.) Ok Lets make this one a Plaid Paper

Duplicate Paper 2 Layer 2 times

working on the top layer go to image/Rotate/Free Rotate


Tutorial1-The Papers-SS9 (15K)

then Lower the Opacity of this layer to about 60%

Layers/Merge/Merge Down

Rename this Layer Paper 3

Paper 3 should Look Something Like this:

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS10 (53K)

4. Ok for the last one let make a retro looking paper

add a New Layer fill with color I am Using #dbf5f9

then select you preset shapes tool change your forground to

color of choice and background to null settings:

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS11 (9K)

then Draw some Random Shapes changing colors and Line width as need

till you like what you see then Convert to raster layer

layers/merge/merge down

Rename Layer to Paper 4

this is how mine looks:

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS12 (47K)

*Note again I added the same texture

5.) You Should Now have 4 Layers Named

Paper1, Paper 2, Paper 3 and Paper 4

Tutorial1-The Papers-SS13 (47K)
Ok then you can save each Paper individually in .png or jpg

or leave as it is and save as an psp image :o)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Misted Tubes Made Easy

Misted Tubes Made Easy

This tutorial was Written on June 4, 2008 By Peachy Keen Designs

Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please feel free to print it out for your own personal use

but please do not claim it as your own.

All materials and tubes used are copyright to their respective owners

and will be credited accordingly.

Ok bare with me here this is my first tut in a LONG LONG Time lol

This is the Technique I Use, This does not mean this is the only way

nor does it mean that its the best way, nor does it mean i invented the

Misting Technique, This is simply the way I do my mists.

also i would like to mention that this tutorial is to be used

a guide feel free to play and experment with your own settings

OK here we go

Supplies Needed:

Image of Choice

I am using a photo from: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

Paint shop Pro

(I am using Version 9, But should be able to do in other versions as well)

100% Optional Plugin: Xero - Porcelain (Freeware filter)

(xero : filter set 1 )

Ok Open the image in PSP

Press "Shift & D" Keys on keyboard to Duplicate the image

and Close out the original.

Working on your Dupilcated image

go to layers/Promote Background Layer

Select Your Free Hand Selection Tool (The Little Lasso)


Selection Type: Point to Point | Mode : Add (Shift) | Feather: 0 | Smoothing 0 | Anti-alias - Unchecked

Zoom in Close and "Outline" the part you would like to mist

In My Image I am Misting the Monkey so

I will Outline him with my Free hand selection tool

I General try to get as close to the "main" image as possible

But this will vary depending on the image and Subject being misted

Below is an example of how mine looks

Keep Selected and go to


Settings: Numer of Pixels : between 25 - 35

Keep selected

Selection/ Invert

Then Hit the Delete key once on your computer

Slection/select none

Ok Now you can save it like this as psp image or png

or you can do the following 1 or 2 of OPTIONAL Techniques

Got Adjust/Digital Camera Noise Removal


Again you can save as is or continue with the following step



Save and your done!

Finished result: